How to book for this camp


Book Here

1) Book online

Use the 'Book Online' Link above to pay via Rainbow Futures booking system.



2) Print and complete booking form

Print and complete the booking form below from the link below and post with your payment to:

White Buffalo Events LTD, Blackthorne Farm, Hillersland, Coleford, GL16 7NY.

Booking form - suitable to print and post - one page

A free Adobe pdf reader can be obtained from the Adobe website directly if you do not already have one:


BOOKING EARLY: gives you access to the Space for you Camp for as little as £70 per adult giving you free access to all workshops, camping and firewood, helping us to plan and facilitate for the right amount of people, and making your experience that much better.


TICKETS: Early Bird discount of £15; (£10 on Young Adult or Child) if booked up to 14 days before your camp begins. On receipt of your payment we will send you confirmation of your place and directions to the camp.


REFUNDS: All but the first £30 (admin. fee) of your payment will be refundable should you need to cancel at anytime UP TO 21 DAYS before the camp of your choice begins. After this, no refunds will be made other than in exceptional circumstances at the organiser’s discretion.


STOPOVERS: If you have booked for more than one camp and wish to stay on site during the interim period, a extra fee of £10 per night per adult, £10 per teen and £5 per child for camping will be charged if prior arrangement has been made. The organiser reserves the right to evict any unwelcome guests without explanation.


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